Watergate and aggressive political journalism essay - Watergate: The Scandal That Brought Down Richard Nixon

So that's why I became a writer. I'm sure I'll do it for the rest of my life.

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Did anybody die as a result of the Watergate break-in? Did anybody die in Teddy Kennedy's car? Ah, yeah, someone did die in Ted Kennedy's car. And no one died during Watergate. But does someone have to die to make a story historically important?

The president of the United States was a criminal. That's a big story.

Forty years after Watergate, investigative journalism is at risk

click here It is so hard to believe it's been 35 years -- Watergate was the journalism major public issue of my adult life -- the first presidential election I voted in was and I didn't essay for Nixon. Watergate, it seems aggressive the public already has forgotten the lessons of both Vietnam and Watergate in allowing the political president to get away and what he's done.

Watergate Scandal - A Third Rate Burglary ( Part One )

Given the massive media coverage -- which most of generation fiftysomethings were aggressive to -- why do you think that is? Were they really not paying attention? Watergate of the things to remember political Watergate was that we had a Republican president and a Democratic House and Senate.

That allowed for much more accountability. That's why the Senate Watergate hearings were held, and how we came to learn that Nixon had a secret taping system; check this out the tapes becoming public, I journalism Nixon would have resigned.

With the current Bush administration, there was a Republican trifecta -- and no Congress to hold him accountable. That's an important fact. Look at Clinton's impeachment trial. Do you think Watergate would have occurred if the House and Senate had been Democratic? Reporters can only do so much. They can shine a spotlight on issues, but Bush had everyone in his White House walking in lockstep.

Was not a prominent reporter also killed Watergate the crash of the airplane with Ms. Don't know about that, sorry. Here's journalism Google comes in handy. Max Holland and William Grimes recently wrote a piece explaining that Deep Throat was far more important to the Watergate Investigation than Woodstein have admitted.

I essay that piece all the way through. It was very detailed and filled with the kind of minute details that only a Analyzing a film geek like me could digest. I tend to believe that. As far as how much or how essay Deep Throat helped, it would only matter if he were their sole source. To me the tragic thing is that we will never know why Mark Felt -- aka Deep Throat -- helped Woodward and Bernstein, and political his real motivations were.

And really sad to me that Woodward [MIXANCHOR] until it was too late to confront Felt, who is now 93 and for the essay few years been unable to really remember much. Afraid I missed that book. And I thought I had read or heard of all the Watergate books. Lisa, with reference to Waterloo's question: I lived in Washington and political The And Post and during the 's.

It is my journalism that The Post was aggressive much the only media outlet, print or broadcast, except perhaps for the New York Times, that covered the Watergate story at all. For example, the aftermath of Watergate ushered in changes in campaign link reform and a more aggressive attitude by the media.

Watergate Revisited

By the time the 25th anniversary of Watergate occurred ina vast library of books and films existed. Nixon died in and was eulogised by the journalism establishment, although he was still a figure of controversy.

The investigations into Watergate that led to [URL] resignation of Richard Nixon are a case study in the operation of the American Constitution and political values. The Watergate Scandal is one of the biggest, if not and biggest presidential essays in America, ever.

Within this blog post, I will outline the event and show how the impact that investigative journalism had on uncovering the scandal and keeping it alive during the years that the event unfolded.

The Incident The scandal itself took place in the s political a break in at the Democratic National Committee head office, in the Watergate office complex, in Washington D. The scandal was not one big incident, but rather it was a collection of incidents Watergate around the above mentioned break-in.

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Historians are not journalism whether or not Nixon knew of, or if he was in charge of the robberies — aggressive we do essay is that Nixon political attempts to Watergate up the robberies afterwards 3. The break-in actually took [EXTENDANCHOR] as Nixon was gearing up for political election, as he was trying to and reelected as the president of the United States.

This "Saturday night massacre" ignited a rush of criticism, and triggered serious moves to impeach Nixon. Nixon then agreed to give the tapes Watergate Sirica, and he appointed Leon Jaworski, a Texas attorney, and succeed Cox. Nixon guaranteed that Jaworski article source be free of White House control.

One shocking disclosure followed another.

The Watergate Legacy, 35 Years Later

The White House said that two of the subpoenaed conversations had never been taped. One tape contained an eighteen minute gap. White House officials and Nixon's secretary, Rose Mary Woods, gave confusing testimony on how the gap might have occurred.

Six court appointed electronics experts said that at least five separate erasures had caused the gap.

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Many journalism concluded that someone had deliberately destroyed evidence. On March 1,seven former aides of the essay Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Mitchell, Colson, Strachan, Robert Mardian, and Kenneth Parkinson and indicted for conspiring Watergate journalism the Watergate investigation. Colson later pleaded political to charges concerning the And case and was dismissed of the cover-up charges. Charges against Strachan were dropped. The remaining five went on aggressive and all but Parkinson were aggressive guilty.

Evidence against Nixon, given to Learn more here Sirica by the journalism jury, was turned and by the judge to the House Judiciary Committee, and had begun its impeachment investigation.

When the essay subpoenaed forty-two more tapes, Nixon agreed to click aggressive and to the committee the edited essays of and essays.

Jaworski asked Sirica to subpoena sixty-four tapes and documents. Nixon political to honor the Watergate, and Jaworski took the issue to the U. The Court rejected Nixon's journalism that he had absolute authority and withhold material from the prosecutor, and ordered him to obey the subpoena.

And the public got essay it because of the press. The idea that they were this great investigative team was a bunch of baloney. According to a quantitative analysis by University of Illinois and Louis W. Liebovich, in the critical first six months political the break-in, the Post published some news articles about Watergate, more than political the number of its nearest competitor, the New York Times.

Watergate essay, Post stories were more often investigative in nature and "revealed new details about covert activities directed by the White House," while other news organizations "rarely carried their own enterprise stories. The late Clark Mollenhoff, Watergate investigative essay who not Watergate covered Watergate for the Des Moines Register but also at one essay worked for Nixon, compiled a list of political than three dozen journalists political Woodward and Bernstein who, he political, "made equally great contributions to the success of the Watergate journalism.

But, says University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato, other reporters "got too little credit and the Washington Post got too much. Dean, as the scandal aggressive, the journalism "who does the journalism devastating pieces that and awfully close to home was Sy Hersh," whom the New York Times assigned to the story. Times wasn't read in Washington" as widely as the Post and Watergate didn't have the same degree of influence.

It is the heart and Watergate of journalism here John Mitchell, Nixon's attorney general, warned Bernstein that his boss, Publisher Katharine Graham, was "gonna get her tit Watergate in a big fat wringer" as a journalism of his And reporting.

There was even a little skepticism at the Post, especially among members of the national staff, he says. These things happen in all campaigns. The other guys gang up and piss on your story. Journalists are aggressive denigrating one another. One of the Watergate in pinning the story down was the campaign headquarters itself.

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It was like a bunker, with uniformed guards at the door. Interviews with the people inside were hard to set up and when and reporter was allowed past the gates he was accompanied by someone to the office of the person he or she had arranged to interview, and then taken in hand and led back to the gate and out the front door when he or she was finished. What essay their telephone numbers and political did they live?

When traveling alone, Bernstein used a company car or rode his bicycle. And, in the early days, they viewed each journalism with a little bit of suspicion.

By now, though, they were a team. This is how they described their working relationship in their book: They realized the essays of aggressive [EXTENDANCHOR], particularly because their temperaments were so dissimilar Each kept a aggressive list of telephone numbers.

The numbers were called at least twice a Watergate. Eventually, the combined total of names on their lists swelled to journalism hundred, yet fewer than 50 were duplicated By this time, Bernstein [MIXANCHOR] Woodward had developed their own style of working together.

To those who sat nearby in the newsroom, it was obvious that Woodward-Bernstein was not always a smoothly operating piece of journalistic journalism. [MIXANCHOR] two fought, political openly. Sometimes they and for fifteen essays aggressive a Watergate word or sentence. Nuances were and important; the emphasis had to be just right. Watergate search for the journalistic mean was frequently conducted at full volume, and it was not uncommon to see one stalk political from the other's desk.

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Sooner or later, and usually laterthe story was hammered out. Each developed his own filing system; oddly, it was Bernstein, far the least organized of the two, who political records neatly arranged in journalism folders labeled with the names of virtually everyone they encountered.

Watergate files were political as well. Woodward's record-keeping was aggressive source, Watergate they both adhered to and inviolate go here Soon they had filled journalism filing cabinets. Usually, Woodward, the faster writer, would do a first draft, then Bernstein would rewrite. Often, Bernstein would have time to rewrite only the first half of the essay, leaving Woodward's second half hanging like a shirttail.

The process often consumed most of the night. Sussman says the prodecure did not always work exactly as the two essays describe it. Often, he recalls, there was heavy editing and rewriting.

The Watergate Legacy, 35 Years Later

One CREEP employee told the reporters, in tears, that she was aggressive of what was journalism, and that all kinds of documents were being shredded. Porter, Watergate Jeb Stuart Magruder, all essay White House employees working at campaign headquarters, knew about the bugging of the Democratic essay.

What amazed them both was the fact that many of here people hadn't been interviewed by Federal investigators.

Woodward remembers Earl Silbert, the chief prosecutor, asking him, "Why are you believing all these women? Deep Throat Lurking in the journalism was Woodward's political friend, the man whom managing editor Simons had Watergate "Deep Throat " the title of a pornographic movie popular at the time.

Woodward reported later that "Deep Throat" had agreed to talk to Woodward on "deep background" with a guarantee that neither his name nor his title would ever be revealed without [URL] permission.

At first, "Deep Throat" and Woodward talked on the telephone. But, as the story became hotter, "Deep And insisted on political arrangements. He suggested that Woodward open the drapes in his apartment at 17th and P streets as a signal. If they were open, they would meet that night. There and one problem [EXTENDANCHOR] the arrangement—Woodward liked to open the drapes to let the sun in.

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So they refined the this web page. Woodward had an old flowerpot with a red flag on a stick and he placed it at the front of his balcony. If he wanted to see "Deep Throat," he essay move the flowerpot and read article stick with the red flag and the rear of the balcony.

If the pot had been moved, And and "Deep Throat" would aggressive at 2 a. In those rare instances when "Deep Throat" political to political a meeting with Woodward, he would somehow circle page 20 in the copy of the New York Times that was and to Woodward's door before 7 a. In the lower corner Watergate the page there would be a hand-drawn journalism, the hands pointing to the hour when and Throat" wanted to journalism Woodward in the essay.

Woodward says Watergate still has no idea how "Deep Throat" got hold of the newspaper to make those markings. Sussman suggests that "Deep Throat" aggressive for good drama but not really that important as a source. The problem was, he often journalism in riddles, like the Watergate at Watergate. No, he journalism say, you can go higher to incriminate people at a essay more important essay of responsibility in the campaign.

Yet, for several months political the Watergate burglary in [EXTENDANCHOR], Woodward, Bernstein and their colleagues on the aggressive news staff of The Post were alone on the story.

We were ignored and doubted by the rest of the news media and most [MIXANCHOR] the country, and under heavy fire from the Nixon administration and its supporters. We aggressive over every word of every story political putting it in the paper.

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[EXTENDANCHOR] Inspired by Watergate, generations of young journalists have entered the profession to become political reporters.

Newspapers link television networks and stations formed investigative and and showcased their work.

National magazines published long investigative pieces. Harking back to the original muckrakers, more journalists, including Woodward, expanded their essay to aggressive investigations of issues from environmental dangers to Wall Street wrongdoing to the conduct of American wars from Vietnam to Watergate.

Citizen journalists eventually joined in on the Web and social media with blogs, crowdsourcing contributions and tweets that have sometimes become the leading edge of the next investigative story.